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Anna Sage


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Behind each shape of you A forgotten past Which tries to break Walls of consciousness Down in basements is where we keep repeating Always the days and nights of impure vermin We are the same we tolerate Rat’s nest inside our head All hail the mice Holy demise A thousand stories about a war with oneself Within the depths of the cave when it’s confused Where they all stray they drift away Rat’s nest inside our head And if your eye causes you to sin Tear it out and throw it away
There is no other side I swallowed my pride Burnt up, destroyer of my life My story is defeat No pardon in the sky I saw it all right Sin life This fight Violent sky of remorse Towers collapse for evermore Gallows refined by fire Down you're dead, without a say Mash and chop the cross You're dead stock in the vault From wandering to wayfaring Dead I scream of reasons why All my will is denied My limbs paralyzed Sinner ablaze Stranded in the sand Branded ‘em the land
Your fake way of life Your church is a lure Slaughter all and then die The wall in their eyes They fall from their skies Hear ‘em antagonize We’re all alone Self-pity junkies Don’t know from right and wrong The real life Ain’t really what they say Deadly mess everywhere Burst Never trust the people who misjudge all Calling Falling down falling through In the glimpse of your third eye How excessive how unaware How to live in a house of cards I’m very well In a world filled with dire wolves Your end follows
Loveless 04:22
Forsaken by the many Morbid, death likes of empty Heartless, left alone on the way Wander upon the filth To run away No Place, nowhere to hide Somewhere without them Far from it all No hate no pain My lust Faces are scratched and faded All colors grey Blinded and brain dead My envy When everyone turned away Forever forgotten Loveless, forsaken by the many Morbid, death likes of empty Hurt, disgraced by your gaze Wanders upon the filth To run away Liars, they were wrong I'm inside your cage There is a place There is a flicker There is love inside of me There is still love Buried
V 04:18
Torn between two visions in this harsh state of deception All those words you said to me were nothing more than distorted truth Masses follow a path drawn by madmen Despite what they say there is another way Don’t you know the obvious can’t be trusted When it’s made out of clay Because All your world is nothing but a shape of mind
Hostile Cage 03:17
Born and raised inside a cage Fear and shame fuel my rage Obey, no chance to escape Locked in, my will submitted Stay in and fade away Stray in and wade away Born and raised Awake, it’s just a mirage Insane won’t play your game Stay in don’t fade away Step in can’t run away Looks like heaven Is your world better than mine Are your better than me You pretend to be free Wasting your time Now hatred breeds and spreads
We knew a thousand worlds and rose above the dirt Each time I fell you grabbed my wings on the edge You would have died for me We were the same In your eyes, I see the evil Binded by it you darkly fade You deny, living in your delusions A part of us is gone For years we knew this day would come It’s real it’s not fiction we’re here it’s time to pay We are desperate, moaning, begging for mercy Prefer to shut all down, this life is not worth it Hear you pray louder in vain, ‘tis dull and numb How much longer will you waste away Distance will break the oath we made We must stay away for better and for worse Lost in a frame Tides of inwards feelings Lost in a frame Tied, far away from healing Memories bleed and wounds never heal
Double Bind 03:28
Enter feel free to obey Kiss your enemy You’re the hunter, you’re the prey Make run or surrender Life is better on your knees Throw your life away You’re the villain, you’re the king It’s up to you Right is wrong Now and never Oh man those voices in your head Oh man it’s something that you can’t Explain, you’re building your own cage Anguished grief and regrets Poor you, just digging your grave Accept, it’s just what you deserve Your destiny in others’ hands Why don’t you understand Oh man don’t you feel ashamed Of what you’ve made Oh man don’t you feel afraid What flows through your veins Through your veins What do you think? Who’s the one to blame? What do you think? Is that you? Right is wrong Now and never Right wrong
You have now awakened from the chain of them naive thoughts Alone a new spirit is due to be born Wherever you are Whatever the pains you came through No law can bind you The omen is fulfilled By your will Never let bloodshed Pacify When hate spreads Pacify Feel all your nerves burn Freedom poured like salt over a sickening wound You wish you could go back, like we all do Back on life's track without further ado The opposite reality you can't see Find delight in your apogee I never had luck on my side All my moments were a lie Why bother to care Walls of hate Exhaust my fate Cryptic seizure
Silence... 01:24
Listening to you the truth dies with a burning tongue Your pride caused the fall This is the beginning of this whole mess All in all I am restless You talk too loud Still denying Silence the serpents, let them drown in their venom Your pride caused the fall Never let them bite Don’t let them burn your soul Fight until You save yourself A faint glimmer of hope Fight until you get sore There will be only A faint glimmer of hope As long as the storm rages within them


released April 15, 2022

All Songs & Lyrics by ANNA SAGE.
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by FRANCIS CASTE at STUDIO SAINTE MARTHE, Paris, France.
Artwork & Layout by ROMAIN BARBOT (IAMSAILOR).


all rights reserved




We create Alternative Hardcore since 2012.
New Album 'Anna Sage' OUT NOW through Klonosphere, Season Of Mist, Dingleberry Records, Itawak Records, Urgence Disk Records, Vox Project and Zegema Beach Records.

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