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released February 10, 2014

Recorded and edited by Alexandre Dos Reis with Paul Rannaud. Mixed by Sylvain Biguet. Mastered by Brad Boatright @ Audiosiege. Artwork by Diane Özdamar.



all rights reserved



Anna Sage delivers its dark and visceral hardcore chaotic since its formation in 2012.
After the release of the 6 songs EP "The Fourth Wall" in 2013, concentrated musical intensity nourished by introspective lyrics, 2015 share on hubcaps for the quartet with recording a second opus and a new European tour at the beginning of the year with the french band Plèvre. ... more

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Track Name: The Waves Within
Si-lence, Emptiness, Make it useless,
The shadows quake is the sound I need.
Noise from nothing, nothingness, deliverance
In the absence of distortion, desertland of peaceful mind.

Surrounded by unconfessing truth of my loneliness.
I create, to be safe, a continuous riot in my head.
Call it weakness, call it pain addict, ‘til you keep my brain awake.
Destroy and smash the world, and

feel the waves within.

And feel the waves within
Feel the constant move, the unstoppable disorder.
No qui-et, just storm, I am breathless.
Mute the ghost, take off the host, make me deaf to death.
Peace will come when tone is gone, erasing synapses.

Noises, shut up and bring me. Silence.
Track Name: Your Greatness
Kneeling down before you.
Hands joined on the wood.
These formalities like banalities
Now seem so futile to me.
For so long I've been praying.
But I'm waiting for answers
For so long I've been crying
I'm weary not to hear anything in return

My prayers, are insignificant.
Vain words. Empty of sense

In the sacred text forgiveness is only given
To the one you choose
What justice is there in chance?
Where does your greatness reside?
What are we supposed to do
To get you to hold out your arms?
My faith leaves me
Smiles fade away to the rythm of your ordeals

My prayers, are insignificant
Vain words. Empty of sense

Why am I kneeling down ?

Why am I kneeling down before you?
A blinding light surrounds me
Within my soul the void reigns
Am I supposed to give you
My last prayer?

Why am I kneeling down before you?
In your name I implore you
In the name of your son
I call the holy ghost
In a last prayer

God can you tell me why
Am I still kneeling down?

God, please forgive,
I fucking hate you !
Track Name: One Is The Other
She's dead, she's there
She disappears and lives inside me
This presence doesn't exist
Like a ghost I can touch with my finger
This reflect which isn't mine
A shadow that doesn't belong to me
So familiar, so hostile
The guardian angel of my dire day

Am I the prey or the hunter ?

She is my creation
The fruit of my imagination
My only source of pain
My sole deliverance
She is the problem and the solution
I gave her life and she'll give me death
Born from fear and living in hate
I built the cradle which will be my coffin

She digs my grave
Saying with a smile on her lips
You are the prey

Master and slave in a borderless world
The shadows that resist the rays of light
She fed on the tears of my innocence
She listened when I doubted my beliefs
I let that flame burn
Now she consumes every fragment of my soul
I tracked my hangman all my life
Hunter or prey, which one am I?

She cries
Her ending
Damn fool, you are both

Am I the prey, am I the hunter?
Am I the master, am I the slave?
Am I the hangman, am I condemned ?
What if was both?

You are both, she shouts, you are both.
Track Name: The Comedian's Fall
The characters enter the clamor.
Under the spotlights, no wrong move.
Like a breath, the words come and fly away.
But only fall back during the intermission.

On the other side of the wall, looks, from darkness, the shadows gaze and deny.
Passive actors, Silent and heavy consciousness.
They suffer but never influence.

Between them and myself.
A fourth wall, opposing us
We could believe just this once
In its fall
But the comedian sweeps any hope away
With a hand gesture, he mimes, the untouchable.

Behind this invisible border, he hears what’s inaudible.
When finally the last outcome arrives.
An ominous ending, yet so predictable.
The comedian's fall, applauded by the crowd
They applaud, they fools, they proclaim for our ending.
When the lights go out, when the final curtains come down.
They will discover that between them and I. There was nothing
Track Name: Facing The Sky
Kneeling down, the eye facing the ground
My head spinning round and round
I look into myself, but nothingness is reigning
Getting lost, inside my only mind, something is screaming

Deeper inside my head.

And this melody, grows up inside me
Like a sceam of hope, that we hear quietly
So my eye itself turned slowly toward the sky
Listen to the saddest song of lies

Far away I hear the latest war cry
And yet I'm getting to keep smile
Even Through I'm feeling so empty
God, why don't you care about me?

I will never get the forgiveness
I won't be blessed for I throw it away

'Cause inside myself I'm keeping a sorrow
'Cause inside myself I'm keeping a sword
'Cause inside myself I'm keeping a pain
'Cause inside myself I'm keeping a lie

God, forgive me, now I'm facing the sky
Track Name: Sharp Fangs In My Flesh
When happiness is always guiding the child
When he has no fear, no suffering to hide
Loved forever, couldn't be better
While his past always brings back the pain
When hate burns from the inside
Love doesn't mean anything, and yet he smiles

When happiness is always guiding the child
When he has no fear, no suffering to hide
Being loved forever, couldn't even be better
This is the perfect childhood, my perfect childhood

While his past always brings back the pain
When hate burns from the inside
Love doesn't mean anything, and yet he smiles
Love won't be anything, and yet he smiles

Why do I deserve to creep?
I can't get to sleep
And I use my fear to get strong
Because I am not ...

Do you feel strong, taking away my carelessness?
My smile fading to the rythm of your beatings
'til the other kids played and sang
I already feel the darkness of violence

I no longer feel pain, I no longer feel any anger
Only the misunderstanding of your actions
I grew up with these wounds, with your bites
And this feeling that your beatings still hurt me today

I was too young, still way to young
What wrong could I have done to deserve so much hate?
The memories of your sharp fangs in my flesh haunt me
In an eternal nightmare

I'd like to wake up one day, i'd like to wake up from this endless dream
To get up one morning telling myself none of this ever existed

(I was) But reality will catch up with me for all my life wherever I go
(Only) In a perfect nightmare, in a fucking perfect nightmare.
(A child) The memories of sharp fangs in my flesh haunt me, still and ever !
And I still am !

this is my perfect nightmare !

Beat me again, until death
I will never lose face

Hurt me again, I promise I will stand
I was a child, and I still am.